The Truth About Wedding Photography

This is an excellent interview Jared Polin did of Cliff Mautner. Cliff is a Nikon Ambassador and one of the most well known wedding photographers in the business. Cliff is also very open and honest about getting in the business today and what you can expect if you get into it. Based on my experience so far Cliff is right on the money. Watch the interview  here .

Photography Interpretation (Art of Photography)

I subscribed to Ted Forbes Art of Photography channel on YouTube a while ago and periodically I will share videos of his that really stick out. His most recent episode of photography interpretations is a really good one. Ted meticulously goes through many of the more famous photographers and what can be interpreted in their photography. It's an important video in that you get see the history, inspiration, and art in the select photographers he discusses. 

You can watch the video on YouTube here. Enjoy.


Post 2/2/2015

The blog sort of starts here I guess. When I thing of photography things or I want to talk about this or that you can find it here I suppose. Stay tuned...